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Cannalope Haze by Huxton

Cannalope Haze is part of Huxton‘s BLCK series; a product line that consists of only top-cola flower, hand-selected by their Head of Cultivation (the big bearded guy from our insta channels). He picks the “Clydesdales” as he says, that are destined for the BLCK rite of passage. Post harvest consists of three rounds of hand trimming, careful drying in prep for cure, then a strain-specific cure in 6.5 gallon glass barrels where the buds are sealed up and left to cure in a dark, temperature controlled room for 1-1.5 months.

Huxton BLCK Series flower is one of a kind. Consider it the Grower’s Reserve. Cannalope Haze flower has a super sweet & smooth flavor with a potent experience thanks to the curing process. Expect sweet/melony terps and a high cannabinoid profile. Great for medicinal or recreational use.

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