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Cannadips CBD Pouches

CBD Pouches Cannadips |

I’ve been looking for Cannadips every time I make a trip to California for about a year now & over the holidays I was finally able to get my hands on some. I’m a relatively active person, I golf & workout multiple times a week and am typically drawn to edibles because of the strain flower takes on my throat so I figured THC pouches would be the perfect thing to try and I was not disappointed. I put my first pouch in on the first tee and I was feeling the effects pretty quickly as I was walking down the first fairway. The menthol flavor wasn’t too overpowering and you don’t taste the medicine at all! Each pouch is roughly 20mg and I used about 3 in the 4 hours we were playing. Overall I love these pouches and hope to see them in AZ soon! By Austin Cabral – @austins.efx.


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