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Cannabis Vending Machine Opens In Colorado

Terrapin, a Boulder-based cannabis company, has installed the first fully-automated cannabis vending kiosk on the market, called ACE (Automated Cannabis Experience), at its Aurora store in Colorado. Developed in partnership with BMC Universal Technologies, ACE is capable of packaging, labeling, and dispensing cannabis products while meeting compliance requirements. Customers can verify their identification and complete their purchase through a digital screen and watch the bagging process through a window. The kiosk holds up to 1,152 products and can be programmed in multiple languages. Terrapin plans to introduce additional ACE machines at its other five locations in Colorado. The vending machine aims to provide faster checkouts, expanded education, and unique benefits to consumers. ACE also adds an automated layer of safeguards to human verification, ensuring that only those legally allowed to consume cannabis are purchasing the products. According to Terrapin CEO Chris Woods, the vending machine not only improves sales but also provides a genuinely game-changing way for consumers to purchase cannabis.

Photo by @nicsandman20


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