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Camino | Blackberry Dream Deep Sleep Gummies

Blackberry Dream

Camino | Blackberry Dream Deep Sleep Gummies

These gummies taste great and are formulated with a night time relaxation blend of ratio additional cannabinoid such as CBN to promote rest. The Blackberry flavor is super tasty and easy to eat. The new product combines tasty Camino candy quality with their newly introduced 10:3 ratio blend of THC and CBN. This sleepy time formula is okay to eat anytime but especially serves its purpose in a relaxing nighttime setting. Look for Camino gummies nationwide in legal cannabis markets. We picked up gummies and chocolate covered cookie bites this month on special from Mint dispensary in Tempe, Arizona where KIVA creations are available in store and online express drive through pickup. Order now at Each day of the week features a different BOGO. For more Camino products and information, visit


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