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Bond Money by Potent Planet

Bond Money | Pre Packed 8th Potent Planet | Where: Zen Leaf

I don’t think I have ever been disappointed by anything the team over at Potent Planet has ever put out, and although the Meat Breath is still my favorite from them this Bond Money is a good contender. The first thing that really caught my attention was look. Through the jar I could see these nugs were decent in size but absolutely covered in shiny trichomes on every centimeter of each nug. The smell of a fruity meat hit me hard in the face and made my mouth water. The flavor was a meaty gas with the faintest hint of a candied fruit. The effects were strong and uplifting for the mind yet relaxing for the body. A perfect balance with a perfect flavor and bag appeal. Truly the whole package and a finely crafted and cared for product. In other words, get some ASAP and you won’t regret it. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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