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Blessed Saints Tattoo

Blessed Saints is not just a tattoo shop, it’s a culture. With artists that make pieces come to life with a machine nettle and some ink. From your every day walk into big man people. Saint artists are well known through the Arizona community and from Miami to California. Established in 2017, Blessed Saints has produced a number of tattoo artists and currently employs Anthony Maya, Chris Barraza and Alex Estrada. Shop founder and owner Javier Herrera has been tattooing since 2003 and has become one of Arizona’s top artists. “Had a few older homeboys that were tattooers in the 90s and early 2000s and they put me on the game, also growing up in Chicano culture with the lowrider cars, seeing murals on them inspired me to become an artist” Javier replies. Now officially a part of the cannabis cactus family, Blessed Saints is coming even stronger for 2021.


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