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Blackberry Kush Preroll by Paul Bunyan

Blackberry Kush Preroll | Flower 1g Paul Bunyan | Where: Consume Dispensary Show Low

This Paul Bunyan pre roll smokes very nice and straight forward. The cannabis inside tasted fresh and potent enough to make me happy. Blackberry Kush is a potent strain that comes from a cross of original Afghani Kush mixed with Blackberry. The resulting strain tastes and looks like berry fruits. It has purple leaves and a dark nug structure. The effects are well balanced. Not too stoney but definitely feels good in the right places. There is none of the drowsy feeling that people associate with indica leaning strains of cannabis. We found both quality cannabis and low prices at Consume Dispensary in Showlow. I recommend shopping these brands in Phoenix also. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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