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Bear Rootz: Take on the Quartz Challenge!

Bear Rootz

In the dynamic sector of cannabis vaporizer brands, Bear Rootz has boldly emerged as a pioneer, spearheading a paradigm shift with the introduction of quartz technology. Since its inception in January 2021, Bear Rootz has navigated uncharted territory, seizing the untapped potential of quartz heating elements. President Justin Cifelli sheds light on the company's genesis, explaining, "we saw an opening in the vape technology space, specifically quartz heating elements. Other categories in cannabis had followed a similar material evolutionary path, and due to quartz's natural properties, it just made too much common sense to run with quartz heating element vape technology once the patents issued”. 

Bear Rootz stands out in a saturated vaporizer market, boldly deviating from the industry norm of ceramic heating elements. Cifelli explains the significance, stating, "our heating elements use quartz instead of ceramic, which almost every other company uses. We believe the natural properties of quartz are better suited to the job which a heating element or atomizer needs to accomplish."

The company's audacious move to prioritize customer needs and spearhead innovation has set Bear Rootz on a unique trajectory. Cifelli notes, “innovation is risky and expensive, so few companies will take the risk of developing a new sector. The ceramic vape technology dominating the market today has been the same for a while now." Bear Rootz identified a market gap and took the bold step of meeting the demands of consumers seeking a revolutionary and improved vaping experience.

To comprehend the technological leap, Cifelli clarifies the difference between quartz and ceramic, stating, "quartz is simply better at the job of being an atomizer in a vape device. It reduces particulates released in vapor and allows for more precise temperature control. Quartz is significantly better with energy transfer and is more durable than ceramic ever can be". This distinction showcases Bear Rootz's commitment to providing not just an alternative but a superior option for users.

The acknowledgment that different materials are naturally suited to different applications emphasizes Bear Rootz's nuanced approach to innovation. “This is not to say ceramic is bad and quartz is good; that would be like saying wood is bad and metal is good. For different applications, different materials are just naturally better suited to the job”, says Cifelli. This commitment to superior technology is poised to reshape the expectations of the cannabis vaporization experience.

At MJBizCon 2023, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the Bear Rootz experience. The booth featured a CBD-only "Quartz Challenge," a blind taste comparison of quartz versus ceramic vape technology. Cifelli explains the process, stating, "we provided two unlabeled vape devices to an individual with all things being identical except the heating element inside of each. We ask them to try it for themselves and see which one they prefer the flavor and experience of". The results of the Quartz Challenge were resounding, with 83% of participants expressing a preference for the quartz experience after just a few puffs. This hands-on demonstration resonated strongly with the cannabis community, highlighting the tangible benefits of Bear Rootz's new technology.

Bear Rootz's journey is one of continuous transformation, rooted in innovation and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their willingness to challenge industry norms and redefine the vaping experience serves as a testament to the efficacy of their approach. As the company leads the charge, quartz technology is positioned to revolutionize the cannabis vaporizer market, promising enthusiasts a superior and more flavorful experience.

Bear Rootz not only pioneers quartz technology but also symbolizes a commitment to progress within the legal cannabis industry, which is a strong statement for an industry that has known only transformation since its beginning. Their journey, characterized by bold choices and a dedication to excellence, is reshaping the narrative of cannabis vaporization. With Bear Rootz at the helm, the future of vaping looks bright, promising a heightened, sophisticated, and unparalleled experience for cannabis enthusiasts.


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