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Be Confident in Cannabis

At one point or another, it’s possible we’ve all felt nervous asking someone “do you smoke?” It seems more common to offer someone a drink but still taboo to offer someone a smoke. Is it because some of us lived through cannabis being highly illegal in our states for most of our lives? Or maybe we are afraid of being judged as a “lazy stoner”? Perhaps there is a way to change our self perceptions of this lifestyle and enter into a new wave of confidence.

Don’t Be Shy 

Embracing the fact that you are a lover of cannabis is the first step. If you consume cannabis, don’t be afraid to tell people. If someone offers you a drink but you prefer to smoke, tell them that. So many times we allow drinking culture to be the norm when the truth is that isn’t for everyone. Some smoke, some drink, some are sober but at the end of the day we are all people.

Embrace Your Differences

When you find others who don’t smoke, don’t write them off. Figure out what they like to do and how they spend their free time. There are so many different ways to live your life. It is exciting to have an opportunity to learn about why people love wine or a particular type of beer. Embracing things others love and being open to listening to them could give you a chance to also share with them the things you love (like Mary Jane).

Be Proud of Your Lifestyle 

Let’s declare the days of closet smoking and closet smokers over. Instead of hiding our love for cannabis from our friends and family who don’t consume it, try educating them. It can be awkward at first to explain to someone that you quite literally love weed but the freedom that comes with being honest is worth those few weird moments. You can still be respectful to others lifestyles while also being proud of your own.

Whether you’ve felt a lack of confidence in your smoker status or not, there are lessons to learn from everyone we meet. Making offering a smoke as common as offering someone a drink starts with us as cannabis consumers. If you’re afraid of being judged as a “lazy stoner” open up and show others you are more than that. Learn about others’ differences and ultimately be confident and free in the life you have chosen. One love!



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