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Barrio Cannabis | Gas Face

Gas Face

Barrio Cannabis | Gas Face

In the arid landscapes of Arizona, Barrio Cannabis has unveiled a true gem with their Gas Face strain, boasting an impressive 32% THC content. Sourced from the genetic mastery of Seed Junky, this hybrid is a potent wake-up call for cannabis enthusiasts. The lineage of Gas Face reveals a thoughtful blend, merging the robust characteristics of Face Mints, Biscotti, and Sherbert through a meticulous back cross. Seed Junkie's expertise in isolating these genetics deserves commendation, and Barrio Cannabis has honored these roots with a cultivation process that resonates quality. Barrio Cannabis has not only brought this hybrid to the Arizona market but has done so with a level of respect that shines through in every bud. It's a sensory journey that captures the essence of Seed Junkie's expertise and Barrio Cannabis's commitment to excellence in the Arizona cannabis market.

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