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Banana Pudding by Potent Planet

Banana Pudding | ⅛ Prepacked Potent Planet | Emerald

I always enjoy trying new flavors and although this one has been around for quite some time I finally got to try it and like with everything else the folks over at Potent Planet grow, this was phenomenal. Although not high in THC, this strain definitely smacks. I no longer look at THC percentage when choosing cannabis and strains like this are exactly why. The structure and beauty of the nugs to the smell and flavor was on point. The effects were strong and sedative and I found I enjoyed this strain later in the day when I was ready to relax. If you have not tried this strain from these good people doing a fantastic job growing some of the finest cannabis in the state, go over to Emerald and pick some up at their next drop. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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