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Baked Bros | Maui Wowie Terp Sauce


Baked Bros | Maui Wowie Terp Sauce

Baked Bros Mango Madness (Maui Wowie) is a strain-specific THC syrup that is also formulated with a 1:1:1 THC/CBC/CBD ratio. CBC is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found within cannabis plants. While there has not been official scientific studies funded to research this, there is interest in using the cannabinoid to reduce cranial swelling, which could reduce pain and inflammation for patients. Documenting the effects of different cannabinoids, especially in the presence or absence of THC, will be important for future medical applications. Try the new Baked Bros syrups, and test the effects of additional CBD & CBC cannabinoids. This syrup tastes great, and can be mixed into any beverage you want.

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