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Bad Breath & Cannabis | Health

This stinky stoner from Scottsdale says:

Whenever my friends and I have a sesh, I feel like my breath stinks afterwards, sometimes I can even taste it. I don’t want bad breath, even if I’m alone. Is there anything I can do besides mouthwash? Stanky-Sesh in Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Stanky-Sesh,

There are a couple reasons that you could be getting bad breath. The most obvious is cottonmouth. Dry mouth is a leading cause of bad breath and can be easily remedied by drinking water or some other tasty beverage. An even better remedy for dry mouth is to eat something. Eating stimulates your salivary glands, which is what regulates your breath. A constant renewal of saliva will keep you feeling fresh and ready for another sesh. If you aren’t really hungry, try taking a bite of fruit or a bit of a refreshing drink. Try to stay away from candy or processed foods as they can have a contrary effect.

Joey Cactus Cannabis Cactus Magazine

P.S.  Check out the short film Haring below, about a guy with bad breath on his way to a date. This animated short will hopefully make your breath seem, well, not so bad. The short was played before Guardians of The Galaxy in The Netherlands.

Joseph Cassini is a writer and designer for The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He enjoys cooking, history, and smoking cannabis outside of the city.



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