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AVD | Alpha Lithium Ion Vape Battery


AVD | Alpha Lithium Ion Vape Battery

Pros: High Quality Components, 510 Threads, Fits .5 gram and 1 gram, Smart-Pulse Technology interactive temp control.

At, we don't lightly recommend vaporizer batteries, but the AVD Alpha truly captivated us on multiple fronts. Its sleek design isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it exudes an aura of sophistication, boasting a two-piece bullet design that also promises an unparalleled experience. Drawing from the dual heat chamber activates the innovative smart pulse vibrations, seamlessly transitioning into an auto preheat phase. The result? A remarkably smooth and effortlessly elegant smoking session, setting a new benchmark in the vaping landscape. 

The allure of the Alpha battery functionality complements its design brilliance, the transformative smart pulse technology elevates the vaping experience to unparalleled heights. We had the privilege of witnessing AVD's prowess firsthand as they proudly sponsored the Grasslands 2023 MJBizcon party. And, with anticipation building, they are set to showcase the Alpha battery as a highlight for Winter 2023.

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