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Augmental Vapes | Interview

Integrity, or what the great Randy Marsh calls “Tegridy,” is hard to come by with the state of our over saturated market. It’s almost impossible to weed out the pretenders from the contenders without having to hit the battlefield yourself. I had already given up my hopes and dreams to find a P-Stick that would get me high and give me the rip my lungs deserved. In comes the Puss Master General, aka Casey, the owner and creator of Augmental Vapes. He hands the boys a sample pack of his product and lets us know what equipment we need to purchase so that his augment cylinders perform at precise levels – CCELL Palm. After only a few puffs of the SVF OG, Augmental Vapes received the Tegridy Certificate of Authenticity from the Roach Clip.

Introduce yourself homie.

My name is Casey, I started Augmental Vapes in 2017.

What inspired you to get into the cart game?

It’s kind of a funny story. I totally ended up with a little too much wax, it was kind of poop soupish. No one wanted it. I had to figure out what I was going to do with it, so I just started fucking with it. What’s the worst that can happen? I can either lose it or waste it. So I started cooking with it, getting it refined. I figured out how to turn soup into shatter. I started out with propylene glycol unfortunately. That’s when I started cooking cartridges, I started out with basic ass shot glasses and a pot of water. I couldn’t get enough of them, I just kept making them. I wanted to be the best! I’ve gotten to this point where they are super duper kill.

Did you smoke a lot of vapes before you started making them?

I fucked around with them a little, but like two years ago I was pretty virgin to the vape community. A lot of the shit out there was garbage, vegetable glycerin mixed with kief, you never really knew where it came from and how clean they where, I try to keep up my tegridy!

What is the best battery to use for vape cartridges to get the proper rips?

The biggest problem with vapes is the misconception and the lack of etiquette (tegridy) because you buy a cartridge for $45, and it ends up being garbage and now you don’t want to buy another one. A lot of the janky equipment coming out of China, they brand it ceramic cell cartridges, but they are not really CCELL. There are ways to check the cartridge for authenticity. First, CCELL has to be engraved like a bullet at the bottom of the cartridge. My recommended battery would be the Palm or SILO by CCELL.

How long does it hold a charge for?

It lasts me about three to four cartridges.

What do you prefer to make your cartridges out of?

I prefer shatter. I been fucking around with crumble, I can definitely do live resin, but right now it’s the lack of equipment.

Where did the name Augmental come from?

It really dates back to me augmenting concentrates, how I got that shitty wax and just started cooking it, youtubing it. With google now, there are so many resources for you to just learn and fuck around and find your niche in the industry. I wanted something with an Au in it because it’s gold. So I went with Augmental Vapes!

We had a Danksgiving potluck and you brought some bomb! ceviche, who taught you how to make that?

I always fucked around with pico de gallo when I was little and I was always trying to make the dopest pico de gallo. I never really liked lime in my food until I tried ceviche, then I was like “oh shit dude!” I seen a show with Eddie Huang, he was at a restaurant in LA and they made some ceviche with cucumbers in it, I just kind of applied that to my pico de gallo recipe. Normally I throw in some peppers, this time I was in a hurry so I only threw in two jalapeños and a little hot sauce. It gives it that extra kick if you’re in a rush.

Do you make appearances at festivals?

I’m just a fan of going to the Errl Cups, gotta represent Arizona!

Have you competed in any of the Errl Cups?

Yes, this last time they actually let me enter in against the dispensaries, because there is no patient cartridge category. I only had to pay the patient price which is half of what dispensaries pay. My recipe at the time wasn’t quite up to par, but that actually really helped because I got a lot of outside feedback.

Follow Casey and his adventure @au_gmental on instagram.

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