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Alien Cookies Rosin by Shango Cannabis

Alien Cookies | Rosin Shango Cannabis | New for 2021

Some great things are going to be coming in 2021. One of them being this Alien Cookies Live Hash Rosin by Shango Cannabis. If you’re a fan of solventless concentrates, then I would definitely be on the lookout because this solventless option by Shango is absolutely phenomenal. The smell was sweet like a vanilla mixed with berries with a bit of earth and a hint of gas. A very unique profile that came though even more on the flavor. Taking a nice low temp dab at about an even 500 degrees, the terps were absolutely killer on this. Almost exactly like it smelled. Sweet creamy with the earth and gas becoming stronger on the exhale, this option also did not lack effects. As soon as it entered my lungs, I could feel the uplifting cerebral high that it brought before settling about halfway through the buzz into a more sedative couch lock feeling that gave me the munchies. A perfect strain for after work to help you get comfortable and relax and get ready for dinner. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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