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Adult Film Star, Producer & Activist Lotus Lain | Interview

When I have to get down to business… I always have to have a final send-off smoke beforehand. -Lotus Lain

As a woman who grew up in a conservative Christian household in rural Wisconsin, I have always been just blown away with admiration for women who felt comfortable with their sexuality. We didn’t talk about sex when we were young. Even as I left for college, started smoking a ton of pot, and learned a lot more about the world, I don’t think I openly admitted to masturbating until I was like, 24. I met Lotus Lain at the beginning of her career a few years ago… she was actually one of our Puff, Pass & Paint instructors in Los Angeles (I swear, that isn’t how I meet all of the people in my life, but there are a lot of great ones!). I always thought there was something so magical about her, and it made a lot of sense when I found out that her main gig was in the adult film entertainment industry. She even brought in two of her co-stars for a special sesh she created called Puff, Pass & Paint: Porn Star Edition (we did charcoal figure drawings of two gorgeous women while Lotus Lain instructed, it was incredible!). She is truly one of the most open-minded, talented, and interesting women I’ve ever met, and she just glows from within with both confidence and kindness, which is an impressive combo. She wears a lot of different hats, and is also a huge advocate for cannabis, body positivity, sexuality, and is the Industry Relations Expert for the Free Speech Coalition, which advocates for sex workers’ rights in the industry. That’s why I wanted to do an interview with her for this month’s column. Maybe I’ll learn a couple of things… and maybe you will, too.

Lotus Lain

Photo by Bobby Gordon

First, can you tell me a bit about your career as an adult film star, producer, and public figure?

All of that is perfect! I’m all of those things, and you can add Sex worker as an all encompassing term, which also aligns myself with other Sex professionals— strippers, can models, sugar babies, escorts, dominatrices, etc, are all Sex workers, as well as porn stars aka adult entertainers. I have also produced and done production management for Playboy, Erika Lust’s XConfessions, LetsDoeIt, and SpankBox.

I am also our Industry Relations Advocate at which is our industry’s trade organization. I created my position in 2017 as a way to bridge the information gap between FSC’s board and the industry at large during the downtime between major political campaigns and everyday production. I’ve been able to use my work here to really channel my voice as an advocate for our rights as an industry, and as legitimate business professionals.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma against women who are secure in their bodies, speak openly about sex, and pursue it as a career. I think what you do is incredible, empowering, and just completely badass, and I love seeing a woman who is secure in herself and her sexuality. As a black woman in the industry, what is something that you’d like people to know before they make judgments?

This career has given me access to so many of my dreams, to write, to create, to model, to collaborate, to have free time to create my own schedule. I could’ve never had these things with previous traditional jobs.

As a black womxn, this industry has made me face so many hard truths about the way people see myself and those that look like me. I’ve come to understand that most of the stereotypes fixed in our minds are a product of the media we consume. I can’t affect people’s minds on an individual level, so my work is focused on affecting it on an industrial level, by influencing change in the industry of media production itself. Addressing systemic racism & problematic stereotypes in the adult world is just a part of completing the puzzle to equality.

You’re a huge advocate for cannabis, body positivity, and sexuality. Can you tell me how you use cannabis in both your career and your daily life, and how it contributes to what you do?

When I have to get down to business and dive deep into creating a video for my fan site, or prepare for a zoom conference or panel, I always have to have a final send off smoke beforehand. At this point in life it might be ritualistic, but it definitely feels like a jolt of inspiration for clever thinking which is needed for taking on such unique career objectives. I don’t have other people to look to for guidance that have maintained all the roles I am juggling at once, to be honest, so I need optimum creativity flowing at all times.

Lotus Lain

Photo by Bobby Gordon

What is one thing that most men don’t know about sex that they DEFINITELY should?

I wish more men would loosen up and be more experimental with themselves in bed… like be open to dressing up, trying a new fetish, or a new location for sex, try being submissive or blindfolded, anything for once! I know there are men that are fun and playful like this, but I’m afraid the vast majority are still too hung up on being in control at all times. That kind of rigidity is just not attractive.

What is your favorite strain or way to consume?

My favorite ways to consume are smoking from a bong, then a joint or blunt, then edibles— in that order. My favorite strain is anything with Blueberry or Haze in it is always gonna be a top choice!

Where can people find you to follow on social media?

Follow me @itslotuslain on IG & Twitter for all my other links!

Lotus Lain

Photo by Bobby Gordon


Heidi Keyes

Heidi Keyes is the Founder of Puff, Pass & Paint, and Co-Founder & President of Cannabis Tours. Heidi writes about her experiences, sharing her advice, travel tips, and wisdom in Puff, Pass Ponder.



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