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Adhesive Nano Mats by Grip Mats

Adhesive Nano Mats Grip Mats |

Have you ever broke a bong just sitting on a table? Maybe you just weren’t paying attention and knocked it over. Maybe you’re clumsy and do this often and have broken many pieces? Well, Grip Mats has an answer for you. Grip Mats created reusable adhesive mats to safely place your valuables on to keep them from tipping over, dropping, or rolling away. The NANO technology they use to craft these mats is washable. So if you find your mat loses its stickiness, simply wash it by rinsing under water, do not use soap. Trust me, these things work as you may have seen on The Cannabis Cactus IG story. We actually put a small beaker bong on the side of a safe we have in the office (although I don’t recommend you do so). There are many different unique designs to choose from as well. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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