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Adam Charles | How We Roll

Adam Charles | The nomadic New York native who’s living safe in Seattle.

Age: 33 Location: I’m living in Seattle right now, but I’m from New York originally.

What do you do for work?

Social media consulting and content creation.

For fun?

Well apart from smoking weed, my favorite thing is road-tripping. Last summer my partner and I drove 6000+ miles from New York to Seattle. We took 3 weeks to get across and took it real slow. We stopped at a few national parks along the way. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip. I also enjoy playing guitar, going to Phish concerts, and documenting my life in video and photography.

Currently listening to:

Enter the Wutang (36 Chambers) by Wu-tang Clan

Joints, Blunts, Edibles, Glass, Wax? What’s your preferred way to consume Cannabis?

All of the above, but I mostly smoke joints now. I love glass, bongs, pipes, dab rigs, but the ultimate will always be the slow-burning dutch masters blunt, with the outer leaf (grape flavor).

So you roll your own?

Yes. I learned how to roll joints and blunts in college.

Tell me more about this blunt.

You start with a dutch master cigar. First, you peel off the outer leaf. You don’t cut it open, you peel it off in one long piece. Then you set the leaf aside, preferably on the side of a cold drink so it stays moist, or if you don’t have a can, roll it up and stick it inside the plastic tube it came in, breathe into it and seal it to keep the moisture inside.

Then you split open the inner leaf lengthwise and empty the tobacco from the center.

Break up your weed with your fingers, it’s better not to grind it, it burns slower this way and you get better airflow.

Roll the weed up like you would with a regular blunt wrap. To finish the blunt you take the inner leaf making sure it’s wet (lick it if you have to) and wrap it up the blunt like a corkscrew. Gently use a lighter to heat seal it… now that I’m saying this to you it sounds gross, it’s definitely not “covid friendly”, but that’s why it’s best to use the can.

Do you have any local 420 customs or personal rituals?

Roller’s rights. Whoever rolled it gets to light it… and if you’re smoking with friends, for god’s sake corner it, don’t just roast the whole bowl.

Do you have a favorite strain?

Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Trainwreck – I’ve always loved super heady sativas, ever since the first time I smoked Sour Diesel at a Dave Matthews Band concert. It was the first time I ever smoked weed that had a name. Everything I smoked before that was garbage.

Favorite codeword for being high?


Best/strangest stoned food combo?

Pizza combos and mayonnaise or chocolate raspberry smidgens and potato chips

Favorite cotton mouth remedy?

Water, room temperature.

Favorite Stoner Movie?

Half Baked. Dave Chappelle is the goat.

Favorite cannabis accessory?

The Lighter Leash. I think it’s the fanny pack of the stoner world. I never wear one, but I appreciate the utility of it. But actually, Kashers. It’s a little metal poker that attaches directly to your lighter. I also never go anywhere without a medtainer.

Any funny stories trying to buy weed in the past?

One time I was at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco when a guy on roller skates rolled by me and casually said “frosty nugs”.

What’d you buy?

He had a big bag of Blue Dream.

Share one of your fondest High memories?

Hahaha all of my memories, no…one time I smoked a blunt with Tom Green behind a bar.

Dead or Alive: Your Ultimate Smoke Sesh Guest List:

Jerry Garcia, Carl Sagan, Dave Chappelle, Snoop Dogg, Fran Lebowitz, and my partner in crime, Gabi.

Are you craving anything right now?

Chocolate. Pretty much chocolate all the time.



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