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5 Tips for The Canna-Mom

The industry is on the rise, the stigma is diminishing and moms are coming out of the Cannabis closet! Mothers of all types are stepping out of their comfort zone and speaking out about medicating with cannabis in hopes to find support. A lot of women who are just beginning to experiment with the plant might ask; What do I need to know? So, let me share with you my five tips for the Canna-Mom.

Canna-Mom Tip #1: Know your Limits.

It is ok to consume cannabis, but the key to being a productive canna-parent is to know what type of strains work for you and to know your limits. Too much Indica and it might make you sleepy making it harder to get through your day. Depending on the person you are, sativa might give you anxiety or just the right amount of energy to get you motivated. Personally, I like an Indica or a Hybrid, it’s the perfect pick me up I need to get me through my mom duties. If you’re new to Cannabis, learning your dose and the right way to consume for your needs will take some time. I would suggest smoking from a pipe first or edibles with small doses. It’s all about the trial and error, but do it responsibly and not while you’re parenting alone.

Canna-Mom Tip #2: Carry the Essentials.

Women should always carry a small makeup bag filled with essentials. Almost like a first aid kit you never leave the house with. I carry eye drops so I don’t look a hot mess, mints or gum for cottonmouth, hand sanitizer so the smell doesn’t stay on my hands and a few extras like tampons and Chapstick. If I am bringing edibles or a vape pen, I put those in there too. You can keep it in your purse, diaper bag or even in the trunk of your car (do not leave vape pens in cars). Pro-tip if you were an ipsy bag subscriber this would be a great way to put those little bags to use. As moms, things get hectic and it may feel like we don’t have our lives together, but little things like this will help us feel we are at least a bit organized.

Canna-Mom Tip #3: Be Prepared.

If you will be going out for the day or you have a guest coming over and you know the chances of you being able to medicate are slim, for example on Mother’s Day; stock up on Edibles and Vape pens. Vape pens will keep yourself odor free and the effects of edibles last longer. Make sure your edibles and vape pens are coming from a trusted lab tested company. My new favorite edible is the Strawberry Lemon Tea Cake by Sublime that came out this month in celebration of Mother’s Day. It’s a 50MG, strawberry lemon tea cake with white chocolate chips and a strawberry drizzle. If you’re looking for something with fewer milligrams, their Gum Drops start at 20MGs each. Either one is delicious and perfect for a day with the family.

Canna-Mom Tip #4: Don’t forget about the Munchies.

They say “don’t drive heavy machinery while medicated.” Well, don’t go grocery shopping while medicated because, if you are anything like me, you’ll make bad choices that you will end up feeling bloated about later. Make a list of what you need before getting to the store and stick to that list, that way there won’t be any unnecessary spending and you will come home with healthy choices. Replace the candy in your purse with granola bars or dried fruit and nuts. That way, when the munchies hit, you have no choice but to eat the healthy snacks available. I’ll be the first to admit I get careless about what I eat, but we are moms and if we are going to be around for our kids, our health should come first.

Canna-Mom Tip #5: Secure the Stash!

I left rolling papers out once and let’s just say my Son made confetti out of it. Keep your stash and your smoking accessories together. I use a Caboodle, but if you want to get fancy Stashlogix makes secure and discreet stash boxes that come with locks, great for any parent. Having a designated area for your stash and utensils will give you peace of mind that one, your children aren’t consuming anything they aren’t supposed to and two, they aren’t breaking or losing your things. Just like you do with your over the counter medicine and alcohol; keep it up and away from your kids.So many women are still hiding because of the shame brought by stigma. Lighting up a joint, smoking a bowl or two doesn’t make you a bad mother. Cannabis is helping relieve symptoms of depression, chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, multiple sclerosis, and cancer just to name a few. They are able to relax, enjoy their kids and focus on being in the moment. To the mothers who don’t feel like they are doing enough, who don’t get the recognition they deserve, who don’t have enough time in the day, and who are outnumbered by their children – you are not alone. I hope this beautiful plant provides peace and comfort you need to get through motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!

Sabrina Rebolledo is a mother and cannabis advocate. She currently focuses on the stigma surrounding mothers that consume cannabis. Sabrina wants to make all mothers feel welcome to make their own decisions and to ignore the social pressures that make a mother feel insecure. Foller her @WHOLETMEBEAMOM on Instagram.



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