5 Tips for The Canna-Mom

The industry is on the rise, the stigma is diminishing and moms are coming out of the Cannabis closet! Mothers of all types are stepping out of their comfort zone and speaking out about medicating with cannabis in hopes to find support. A lot of women who are just beginning to experiment with the plant might ask; What do I need to know? So, let me share with you my five tips for the Canna-Mom.

Canna-Mom Tip #1: Know your Limits.

It is ok to consume cannabis, but the key to being a productive canna-parent is to know what type of strains work for you and to know your limits. Too much Indica and it might make you sleepy making it harder to get through your day. Depending on the person you are, sativa might give you anxiety or just the right amount of energy to get you motivated. Personally, I like an Indica or a Hybrid, it’s the perfect pick me up I need to get me through my mom duties. If you’re new to Cannabis, learning your dose and the right way to consume for your needs will take some time. I would suggest smoking from a pipe first or edibles with small doses. It’s all about the trial and error, but do it responsibly and not while you’re parenting alone.

Canna-Mom Tip #2: Carry the Essentials.