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420 Area Rug by @tuftluvrugs_az

Custom 420 Area Rug @tuftluvrugs_az | Where: @tuftluvrugs_az

I have some friends who started a very unique business. Custom rug tufting. If you have ever wanted a custom area rug for your floor or something even decorative to hang on the wall then look no further. These rugs can be just about any design or logo you could think of. The image is projected onto monks cloth where they then use a tufting gun and yarn to create what you see here. The process is a bit tedious and definitely requires some skill and care. I actually can’t wait to try and make one myself. If you are in the market for something unique and artistic like this, hit up @subscienceglass, @fire_city89, or @vibin_with.bee or the main page @tuftluvrugs_az – they already have a few unique styles available including this particular 420 style. Let’s show some homies some support on their new journey. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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