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4 Prophets by DNA Genetics

4 Prophets | Flower DNA Genetics | Sol Flower

My second scoop of DNA was actually quite impressive. Testing at 17.02% THC and a total THCa of 20.03% this 4 Prophets was still pretty potent and effective. Cracking the lid on this prepacked 8th, a strong smell of garlic with a touch of gas immediately tickled my nose and made my mouth water. Upon breaking these buds by hand, the smell only intensified. I went ahead and packed a slide full and ripped a fresh bong. The smoke was smooth and the flavor matched the scent perfectly. After snapping this bowl full, the effects were immediately felt in my eyes with a warm relaxing feeling throughout the rest of my body. After another bong, I was ready for bed. I must say if you see 4 prophets, you should definitely try it, especially if you like some good ol garlic and gas. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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