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25mm Milk Tank | Quartz Banger by SD Dank

25mm Milk Tank | Quartz Banger  SD Dank | Where:

I ended up getting sent this nail as a freebie when winning a different banger to try out their new prototype and man is this thing a beast. I’m sure we all know by now quartz is the best way to get the best flavor along with heat when dabbing concentrates. I would say this is more of a party banger in fact the only time I actually really used it well was at the WFG Avery York sesh where this thing was just demolishing grams of rosin. You can drop it in like normal and cap it with a marble or feed it through the side dish whatever you prefer. One thing for sure,the center core is going to retain a lot more heat so if you don’t like your dabs hot, wait a little longer on the cool down. That’s if these are ever released they are currently going through stress testing. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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