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22RED | Old Family Purple 

Old Family Purple 

22RED | Old Family Purple 

22Red Arizona continues to impress with its 2024 offering, the Old Family Purple strain. This nod to iconic Granddaddy Purple Kush strains is nothing short of a home run, blending old-world genetics with modern techniques to create a truly exceptional product. With a deep-rooted lineage attributed to the renowned breeder Ken Estes, responsible for the Granddaddy Purple strain, Old Family Purple pays homage to true cannabis genetics rather than simply relying on designer names. Users can expect a powerhouse of funk and background gas, reminiscent of the classic Kush strains that have stood the test of time. This distinctive blend of flavors creates a sensory experience that harkens back to genetics from decades ago while offering a fresh and innovative twist. At 21% THC, Old Family Purple from 22Red kept me feeling good for an extended amount of time. I often find my favorite strains to be around 20-22% THC, and rely more on taste and aroma than THC numbers to recognize how potent the effects will be.

3.5g Jar



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