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22RED | Cheetah Piss Ice Water Hash Rosin 1g

Cheetah Piss

22RED | Cheetah Piss Ice Water Hash Rosin 1g

22Red's Cheetah Piss Live Rosin is a sensory carnival. Deep gassy aromas extracted from this strain create a uniquely funky experience for the senses. The live hash rosin boasts an impressive 86% cannabinoid content, with a substantial 71% THC, making it a potent choice for cannabis enthusiasts and supertasters alike. The effects are where Cheetah Piss truly shines. The combination of cannabinoids results in a smoke that delivers a powerful yet balanced experience. Users can expect a notable sense of euphoria coupled with deep relaxation. The flavor profile mirrors the aromatic intensity, providing a truly flavorful and memorable smoking experience. 22Red's expansion into solventless extracts showcases their commitment to delivering products that combine potency and rich flavor for a premium cannabis experience.



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