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Videogames to Play During Quarantine

This is a list of games that are perfect to start with if you have little to no gaming experience. These games are fun enough for seasoned gamers to enjoy and they are the ones who have recommended this list. These games are easily available for many different platforms and available for sale on the Steam PC store. This is helpful because Nintendo Switch is sold out worldwide and going for $300-$500 on Ebay. Enjoy these games to stay connected during the days of social distancing.


Price: $15.99 Where to find: Steam

Get ready to be mad at a loved one when they burn the virtual pizza! We listed the most controversial game first. This game is highly addictive and loads of fun but also will affect the relationships between players trying to complete the tasks. Imagine being in a busy restaurant kitchen with Gordan Ramsey yelling at you because Overcooked is a simulator for this type of situation. It’s hilariously fun and demands teamwork and patience from all players while they cook, plate and serve dinner to the hungry customers.


Price: $19.99 Where to find: Steam

This series became popular on the playstation in 1998 when Spyro the dragon was introduced.   Since then there has been a cult following and popular demand for the classic to be re introduced. Spyro is a twelve-year-old purple dragon Who finds adventures. The remastered trilogy is now available on steam for personal computers and other platforms like Nintendo switch. It does not take a powerful PC to enjoy the graphics of the game.  The titles are spyro the dragon, Ripto’s Rage and The Year of The Dragon.

Stardew Valley

Price: $13.99 Where to find: Steam

Welcome to your new home in Stardew Valley where you can complete tasks to restore the town and fight off enemies. Or you can talk with townspeople and spend the day fishing. The eight bit graphics and catchy tunes in this game will heighten nostalgic senses of any retro game player. Players can enjoy foraging for resources or fishing as they become comfortable exploring. There is no way to “lose” so players can take their time getting used to the objectives. The game also has an app for ipad and phones so you can play on the go. Be careful, this game is said to be highly addictive for all ages!

Lego Games

Price: $16.79 Where to find: Steam

Since 1995, sixty nine lego video game titles have been produced. These games are great to learn basic gameplay. They are easy enough for children and beginner adults to both tackle. The games are simple but fun enough to keep adults attention with jokes and funny scenarios. Also, they are all licensed with titles like Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego City, Lego Marvel Avengers and many more. Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean are some of the best selling titles. Find treasures, weapons and defeat the bad guys in your favorite movie scenario..there are lots to choose from!

Jackbox Party Pack

Price: $24.99 Where to find: Steam

From the makers of the classic trivia game, You Don’t Know Jack, the new party pack includes hours of different games for friends and family. This party pack is available on Steam and any platform including Amazon Fire Stick. Players join using their phones or ipad and you’ll never have to worry about missing pieces or rule books again. It includes Fibbage XL, a game where players convince each other they know the answers to obscure trivia questions. Word Spud uses racy vocabulary to fill in the blank in funny sentences. Lie Swatter, Drawful and many more will keep families laughing and guessing what’s next. Play on your phones and skype each other for shared screen video.

Runners Up:

Shellshock Live: $6.99, Steam Rocket League: $9.99, Steam. Plants vs. Zombies: FREE on Google Play. Limbo: $14.99, Steam.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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