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Terp Slurper Set | Terp Pearls by @SlackGlass

Terp Slurper Set | Terp Pearls Slack Glass | Where: @slackglass

We had the pleasure of working with Slack at a show we did with Frostys Fresh in Oklahoma City a few years back as he is an Oklahoma glass artist. We teamed up with him and some shopmates like @learyglass and the Dab N Go Dispensary to host an amazing dinner and event. The purpose of these pearls is to retain heat that the quartz starts to lose on the cool down after dropping a dab in the banger and also to cover more surface area, stirring the dab making sure it doesn’t just sit in one spot and cook. This leads to better vaporization and flavor. Slack has some of the most affordable and coolest pearls out there. I even have some he made of cadmium glass that changes colors depending on heat which lets you gauge the temperature for the most optimal dab. He always has work available whether it’s just for you or your business needs a wholesale order go ahead and hit him up and tell him The Cannabis Cactus Sent you. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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