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Stars & Strains: Virgo – September 2018

Aries: Prograde Strain Energy: Durban Poison

The planets in retrograde complete their cycle and move back into normal orbital rotation. This should bring your emotions back to center and help you focus once again on work that matters to you. Your energy in the first half of the month will be kindled with sativa strains keeping you wakeful and alert. This energy is perfect for getting a lot done and could lead to new opportunity before the end of the month.

Taurus: Transit Strain Energy: Valley OG

Watch your relationships closely and do not get derailed by unexpected changes. Your girl Mary Jane will always be there for you as people come in and out of your life. Use change as an opportunity to learn something about yourself and maintain your current course. You hard work will pay off and the obstacles you endure will only make you stronger. Keep your hybrid strains close by and try to embrace the calm energies around you.

Gemini: Motion Strain Energy: Honey Bananas

Moving, just keep moving. Mercury retrograde no longer has a hold on you and you can resume enjoying your friends and family. Harness the mellow energies that surround you and keep yourself balanced with balanced like a nice hybrid strain. Stretch your hands as high as you can to the sky, look up and take three deep breaths. You will feel good this month

Cancer: Alignment Strain Energy: Locomotion

You may find yourself in new places this month with old friends. This is good for releasing your worries and leaving the tensions brought on by retrograde behind. Keep an eye on your finances and maintain frugality when you can. The cosmos are aligned to bring you restful vibes as the moon of Jupiter enters a path of new movement for several days. Indica edibles will help you receive the rest that the universe holds for you during this time.

Leo: Responsibility Strain: Double Dream

Keep your eye on the prize and keep the hybrid joints lit all month long. You will need the extra relaxation as you are tested by the universe this month. Saturn and Jupiter are aligned with your sign to bring positive vibes by the end of the month so hang on to what you love and do your best to stay focused on work. You will achieve the dream that you seek!

Virgo: New Strain: Valley OG

Your sign aligns well with the Perseid Meteor shower which will peak on August 12th and 13th. Roll up a fat joint and look to the night sky for some positive energy. You will be in top form this month and it’s a great time to start a new project at home or work. Try not to ride too high on your good fortune. The Valley OG will keep your head balanced and you will do well to keep your emotions balanced as well.

Libra: Prosperity Strain: Candyland

The second week of the month brings Jupiter in alignment with your sign. This could mean extra wealth and possessions coming your way. Enjoy your new successes with some top shelf flower. Jupiter aligns with pluto in the second half of the month and this will be your most powerful time. Get ready to crush it at work and seize the new opportunity when you see it. If you hesitate it may pass you by.

Scorpio: Social Strain: Ice Cream Cake

Try smoking on something special and meeting new people this month. Ice cream cake is a blend of Wedding Cake & Gelato and it’s sure to keep you feeling friendly. Keep on eye on your finances because chances to make money will increase as Jupiter crosses with your sign. Turn the music up louder this month and share the good cannabis vibes everywhere you go. You carry strong social energy with you this month.

Sagittarius: Promotion Strain: Plushberry

This month brings new fortunes and good health to your zodiac sign. It seems amazing but you still aren’t satisfied and you want more. Keep chasing your dreams but remember to enjoy the ride along the way. Your accomplishments are being recognized and you are going to benefit from all the hard work this year. Mercury’s movement may affect your health but don’t let it get you down because you will have the best weed to smoke.

Capricorn: Hibernate Strain: Headband Kush

Use cannabis to help stay rested this month. Your daily routine will get very busy and you need all the help you can get. Work sucks but it doesn’t matter because you have good weed to smoke at home. The moon may cloud your any love encounters this month but everything else is wide open for you in the stars. Enjoy this time to rest and smoke some good cannabis.

Aquarius: Unstoppable Strain: Jack Herer

You are unstoppable this month. Make the best of it and think big because nothing can stop your energy and charisma. The moon will align with your sign to give you cosmic energies from Jack Herer. Be the best cannabis advocate that you can be. Smoke up and head out for some exploring but tread the universe lightly. Leave each place better than you find it.

Pisces: Fire Strain: Flaming Cookies

Some things are not always what they seem. This can be discouraging at times. The good news is that cannabis will never let you down. Keep on being good to your friends and loved ones. They might not always show it but they do appreciate your support. Roll up a special joint and share the fire with someone who you are thankful for.

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