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Stars & Strains: Sagittarius – December 2019

Aries, Strength

Tropicana Cookies, Aeriz

We each have overwhelming experiences in our lives. You have made it through tough times and come out battle scarred but stronger. Be sure to receive people with open arms when they come stumbling back from their tough situation.

Taurus, Power

Orange Candy, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

You have the power to change someone’s outlook today. Smiles and joints are the aces up your sleeve. Keep using them to win people over. Your energy is strong during this winter season. Be someone’s sunshine when its cold out.

Gemini, Dreams

Wonder Woman OG, Huxton USA

This has been a wild year but you have continued to work towards new dreams and goals. Great job. Remember to take delight in these roller coaster journey because it’s the pursuit of happiness that is most special. You only get one ride so remember to always puff, pass and smile.

Cancer, Breathe

Chiesel, Mohave Cannabis Co.

Sometimes every choice feels like an act of war. Take a deep breath and remember that your beliefs are important. Keep sticking up for what you know is right. Spark up the bong and think about how you feel before you act. Do not feel ashamed to tell family members that you use cannabis.

Leo, Beauty

Gorilla Glue, True Harvest

I Am Beautiful. I Am Beautiful. Say it again and then tell somebody else, You Are Beautiful! The energy in the cosmos is more powerful than you realize. The stars are aligned for you to feel confident and strong in the coming year. Pass this strength to others.

Virgo, Fortune

MAC 1, OG Zonka

Spark up a tasty joint and walk through the door of opportunity. Big things are coming for you and those close to you in 2020. Watch as your friends find fortune and new relationships. Let the new energies reverberate and watch your circle grow.

Libra, Change

Jesus OG, Herbal Wellness Center

This is the end of a decade and you are ready to move into a new chapter of life. Things will happen in your lifetime that you cannot imagine right now. The world will become a different place but you will always have cannabis by your side. Embrace the personal and societal changes around you.

Scorpio, Senses

OG #18, Health for Life

It’s easy to see trouble in the world but you must look into the sky and see the beauty in so many things. Enjoy the living creatures around you. Next year is about reconnecting internally with your senses. Smells, tastes and feelings from seeing bright colors. Take your imagination to the next level this year.

Sagittarius, Movement

Kosher Kush, MPX

You can’t change the world by standing still. Get out there this holiday season and help your community. Work a soup kitchen or play games at a homeless shelter with some folks who would love the company. Ask a friend to tag along with the promise of getting super baked first.

Capricorn, Leisure

Lava Cake, Aeriz

The holidays are great for baking while getting baked. Try to cook something new this season and share it with friends and family. It can be any recipe infused with loads of love and THC if you choose to. The act of baking while baked will be your therapy.

Aquarius, Family

Beach Wedding, Grow Sciences

Gift shopping and grocery lists will not stress you out. Quality family time with good food, good drinks and freshly harvested cannabis. Cannabis is great for enjoying family during the holidays. Be sure to prepare a special joint before your holiday meal.

Pisces, Balance

Hawaiian Punch, MUV Dispensary

Do not lean on your own control. Be ready to adapt and overcome as things change around you. Remember that the cannabis will taste the same in victory and in defeat. Do not one be too sweet or the other be too bitter. Make the best choices you can and leave the rest to fate.

Read your horoscope for another month.

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