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Stars & Strains: Leo – August 2020

Aries, Breathe

Purple Apricot, Genesis Farms

Talk to your mind and talk to your heart. Ask how they are doing and see if they need anything. They love to hear from you. Smoke a joint with your inner self and sit silently in reflection. Do this regularly from now on and add in some nice deep breaths for a calming effect. This is your new exercise.

Taurus, Unique

Amnesia Haze, Shango Cannabis Co.

No two edibles are the same. Your relationships with edibles will teach you more about yourself than about them. Pay attention to the cues and enjoy getting to know different types of edibles. You’ll be surprised by the effects. Some edibles come on strong and then you get used to them and enjoy them. Others take longer to feel the effects but are worth the wait. The same is true with people.

Gemini, Budget

Hidden Pastry, Grow Sciences

Financial stress happens to everyone, no matter how much money you make. It’s called lifestyle creep. When you make more money it’s easy to subconsciously pick up more spending habits. New hobbies and retail comforts can consume any amount of income. Make a nice budget and decide how much goes towards savings vs. hobbies vs. cannabis. Stick to the budget to earn some nice peace of mind.

Cancer, Humble

Kush Mints, Mohave Reserve

No one really knows where the term “master grower” originated but beware of anyone who claims to be the master of anything. A common characteristic of expertise is humility. Look for the cannabis producers that strive to be better gardeners, and more often than not, their cannabis will be leagues above the self proclaimed master growers.

Leo, Elevate

Tropic Fire, 22 Red

There is only one way to climb a mountain. One step at a time. Keep climbing and you will reach the top of your mountain. Don’t carry too much on the journey, only what you need. There will always be room in your pack for a bit of top shelf cannabis to share with those you encounter during the journey. Don’t forget to enjoy each moment of the climb.

Virgo, Self Care

Purple Pinot, 22 Red

Have you tried one of those slack lines or yoga or disc golf? Go out and try a new hobby. This will take a bit of effort, but you will not be disappointed. Cannabis will be steady in your life, but make sure everything else changes frequently. Change is good. Say yes to more adventures starting now.

Libra, Vibration

Triangle Kush, House Exotics

Think about how far you have traveled in your life compared to those who lived hundreds of years ago. Back then, it was common to travel less than fifty miles from home in a lifetime. Now we move more than this in a day, driving from city to city. Make sure to take your quality cannabis anytime you make a journey.

Scorpio, Nutrients

Blueberry Cookies, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

It’s the sun that makes you shine! Get outside and soak up some vitamin D to go along with your THC. If you think CBD/THC is effective, wait until you try the truly powerful combo: sunshine and THC. Ask your dispensary associate for something awakening and energetic for this month.

Sagittarius, Reflection

Grapefruit Kush, Local Joint

It’s good to keep fond memories but do not rely on them for happiness. Find joy in the new things that happen everyday. Your best days are ahead of you until you decide that they are not. Believe in good things coming and keep dreaming as big as you can. Some day you may even grow your own cannabis.

Capricorn, Dedication

Alien Cookies, Shango Cannabis Co.

Your instincts will aid your decision making. If things feel good all the way deep down then this is the green light to proceed. If you have any feeling in your gut that this is wrong then don’t do it. If you remain confused then smoke a joint and sleep on it to make a better decision tomorrow. If this decision is about which cannabis strain to buy then get both of them. Try them all.

Aquarius, Seasons

Khalifa Kush, TRYKE

Enjoy this time of transition that you are currently in. Be ready for new things in the cannabis industry and new things in your love life. Go with the Flo and try some KK for extra potency this month. Pay attention to what works and stick to it during this season of summer.

Pisces, Here

Citral Glue, Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Do not worry that your peers are doing better than you. There is no better place to be than right here, right now. The world is riddled with fear and anxiety. Get high and pass some smiles through your mask today because you never know who will benefit from it most.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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