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Stars & Strains: Leo – August 2018

Aries: New Hybrid

The planets of Jupiter and Saturn are aligned and Mercury has moved out of retrograde. For the Aries this means that new things are coming. Maybe it’s a new friend or possible romance you have had your eye on. Invite someone out for an activity and a nice hybrid joint to see what else you have in common. Keep taking work seriously but try to add in new activities with new people. You have already been surprised by the new people in your life and more are coming.

Taurus: Movement Sativa

Mars is moving into a strong sativa energy with your sign. The sativa energy signifies that you will be busy throughout the rest of the year but that it’s a good thing. Work will give you plenty of opportunity. Keep yourself rested and ready for these new challenges. Do not worry about your follies in the first half of the year. Start you days with a fresh outlook and some new fire sativa nugs.

Gemini: Listen Indica

Use cannabis in your routine in the form relaxing products like balms and salves. It’s great that you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and pampering your body is a great way to do that. Focus on communication with yourself and your friends. Listening to your friends will make you a valuable resource and by listening to your own body you will know what it needs to feel great and stay strong.  

Cancer: Relax Indica Hybrid

You have felt pressure in your finances and work situation. Do not worry about those things because you are working as hard as you can. Keep yourself relaxed and focused on the things that matter most. Dose some edibles with some friends and take some time to forget about your responsibilities. Relaxation is still important even when it seems like there’s not enough time.

Leo: Renew Indica

Stop at your favorite smoke shop and snag a new pipe or rig to christen on this day. It’s a well deserved treat for someone who works as hard as you. Venus will be visible in the night sky for most of the month and you can count on your sign to be rejuvenated by the resting effects of a heavy indica. Pack your new bowl with flower first and then top this with a bit of kief of shatter. Enjoy the moment!

Virgo: Community Sativa

Check out the new moon on August 11th and use the new moon to start a new phase of your life. It can be something small like a new project or hobby. Try going to a yoga class or bowling with some friends or maybe an art class or cooking class. Whatever you do make sure to bring enough cannabis to share with your new friends. Your friends will be impressed and delighted at your preparation.

Libra: Trailblazer Indica

You are quietly making moves that are setting up great things in your life. It has been hard in the past few years to feel overlooked for promotions but victories are coming. Keep working harder than everyone else and smiling twice as big. Your only reward now is a big joint after work but big successes are coming for you!

Scorpio: Ambition Sativa

It’s easy to think that others are doing better or smoking better than you are. The truth is that you are doing great and you are right where you are supposed to be. Keep up the good work, your sativa energy will keep you going until the new moon on the 26th. Raise your head, smoke that joint and be the best stoner you can be!

Sagittarius: Rejuvenate Indica

You have been working your butt off all year. Remember to take more time for yourself than just a quick cannabis smoke break. Cannabis is great for taking the edge off and pairing it with other healthy activities makes it so much better for your well being. Roll a couple joints and try a fitness program to avoid stress during these hard working times. It’s important to put effort into relaxing.

Capricorn: Calm Hybrid

Try doing things that are out of the ordinary for you. Make good healthy habits to keep the negativity away from you. Watch for the energy of Mars to cloud your judgement and use a nice balanced hybrid to keep your third eye open. There is always a solution to every problem and all it takes is a calm mind. Be good and watch for snakes in the grass this month!

Aquarius: Tension Indica

You have been getting closer to the serious relationships in your life and this comes with some stress. Work and money is stressing you out. Do not let any situation get out of control. Keep the joints lit and the communication open. This is the best way to mediate any tough times with friends and loved ones.

Pisces: Health Sativa

This is a great time to do more than you did yesterday. We all have to start somewhere just like you did with cannabis. Try doing an exercise before each time you use cannabis. Maybe ten pushups before a bong hit and then walking outside for thirty minutes once you get high. There is no bad time to exercise and cannabis is a great reward for your efforts after a gym visit.


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