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Stars & Strains: June 2021

Aries, Relax

Runtz, Indica Hybrid – Grow Sciences

When your brain relaxes from the effects of cannabis, it’s easy to resist worry or stress. But sometimes you get caught up, consumed by fear, uncertainty. Disregard those feelings. You’ve made it this far and all you should do now is trust in yourself. No one has all the answers, you are doing great. Trust.

Taurus, Sun

Soul Assassin, Indica Hybrid – Mohave Cannabis

Many people out there will benefit from your bright aura while Saturn is stationed in retrograde. Your sign will not be affected by this retrograde cycle so do not even worry. Just keep on beaming like the summer sun and enjoy intensified flower highs during this month of cosmic alignment. Your enthusiasm will be infectious to others. Smile and wave as you exhale the sweet sensimilla today.

Gemini, Ascend

Schedule 1, Indica Hybrid – Grow 4 Cannabis

Climb every mountain and cross every ocean. It’s time to move against your body and press forward into uncharted territory. Look at the bare ground and into the blue sky because there are signs all around you that you are setting up the path to the best part of your life. Keep following your instincts and cannabis will always be with you on this journey.

Cancer, Attention

Meat Breath, Indica Hybrid – Potent Planet

Thank the universe for this great opportunity to connect each breath with the outside world. Try to perform this thought exercise. What’s the best memory you have of being outside? Imagine this place and its smells. Breathe in deeply through your nose and hold for a second. Exhale slowly and completely while paying attention to the changing sensations in your body. Feel the little hairs stand up on your arm. Feel hair move and your skin warming under the sun. Be high and be still in this moment.

Leo, Variety

Fruit Cup, Indica Hybrid – Abundant Organics

You have been marching through a routine, in unison with those around you, and it’s hard to be truly present while the company is the same. The unchanged routine makes us foreign to ourselves, when it’s most important to find bits of yourself in others. You are seeking renewed sensations in the body and mind from new encounters. This is just like enjoying a different high from a new cultivar of cannabis. Who wants to smoke the same thing everyday? Maximize the variety within your daily path.

Virgo, Clarity

Member Berries, Indica Hybrid – Green Gene Genetics

The human heart needs to be separated from the other personality vectors that distract from our true self. Distractions will cast shadows over the mind’s clarity, taking many forms, like worry and guilt. Whatever distracts your mind will affect your body and heart as well. You may have experienced this like feeling sluggish or depressed. This is your body reminding you that it’s out of place. With each inhale of the joint, exhale the distractions and feel a renewed sense of clarity in body and mind.

Libra, Youth

Bangarang, Indica Hybrid – Tierra Grow

Try this exercise. Inhale deeply now. From a joint, if you like, or just deeply on your own. Every distraction will be gone during this moment. The things from your past that caused pain will be gone as well. All that remains is the breath, the exhale of sweet cannabis. Return to your body. Clear your mind.

Scorpio, Priority

Alien Cookies, Indica Hybrid – Shango Cannabis

I am the best. Say it again, like Sam Jackson, I am the mother f$%kin best! When we are truly present in our own body, in a deep way, then we feel this powerful alignment of confidence. Nothing can stop us from feeling invincible joy and wholesome self respect in this state. Inhale and exhale the fine cannabis and feel the increased sensations within your body. Feel this translate into the movements around you, the wind on your face, and the movements in your core while breathing. This is the way.

Sagittarius, Balance

Peanut Butter Breath, Indica Hybrid – Green Gene Genetics

Cast your cares to the stars far beyond this world. There is more to this life than finances but it’s okay that you hustle to work hard. Keep your motivation steady but do not be overcome by the need to work. Balance work life by putting equal effort into self care and recreation. This life goes by fast and, meaningless as it may be, you are here to enjoy the ride.

Capricorn, Leisure

Black Banana x GMO, Indica Hybrid – The Superior Dispensary

Begin to plan increased recreation time for yourself and a group of friends.. This will change your life with unexpected memories, relationships and adventures never thought possible. This burst of energy is contagious and will infect others around you regardless of their sign or mindset. This means no more using cannabis to enjoy a quiet night at home. It’s time to get up, get outside and be active, with or without cannabis. Itinerary is optional.

Aquarius, Cactus

Hidden Pastry, Indica Hybrid – Grow Sciences

Greatness is born from sustained suffering. Be proud of what you have been through to get to this point. Wear a smile and make this day great by proclamation. When Saturn begins retrograde, self confidence will not come easily. Use balanced hybrid strains to keep a positive attitude during this time while Saturn retrogrades. Luckily, this will transition to a new cycle of prosperity when your sign aligns with Jupiter.

Pisces, Maintenance

Green Crack, Sativa Hybrid – Local Joint Dispensary

Make sure your daily life includes cardio exercises like jogging, stretching and always kush ups. Kush ups are deep breaths inhaled and exhaled while holding air capacity briefly in your lungs. This exercise will increase your lung capacity and intensify the effects of your next cannabis high. Kush ups can also be done while smoking fat joints like mindful meditation smoking. Perform the exercise of your choice for at least five minutes every single day.



You can make someone’s day with a puff of weed. The strains that you inhale and the stars above are responsible for aligning your chakra spirit. When we are one with the universe, the burst of energy is contagious and will infect others around you. This is a pure positive energy within the universe. Wield this power of happiness with great responsibility.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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