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Stars & Strains: Gemini – June 2018

Aries: Leisure Indica Hybrid – Mimosa

Try some top shelf terp sauce or beautiful top shelf flower this month. It’s good to keep a budget but it’s also good to treat yourself. The same vibes apply to your work ethics. Your energy is plentiful and your vision is clear so keep working hard but remember it’s vacation season and to relax some too!

Taurus: Wonder Indica Hybrid – Ghost OG

Try heading out for a hike and setting up camp underneath the stars. Bring along some edibles on a clear night and wait until the late hours for the best star views. By 3am the stars will change from little bits of light far away into a cosmic blanket that wraps around you. Try a nice heavy indica joint during while you soak in the cosmic vibes of the Milky Way.

Gemini: Harvest Indica Hybrid – Berry White

June ninth is the full moon that was once known as the berry moon because it marks the harvest of summer fruits. Buy strawberries on sale, slice them, toss with sugar and simmer over medium heat for 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat, add indica shatter or crumble and one drop vanilla extract. The sugar will act as a binder to disperse the THC evenly. Once cooled, pour the jam into small mason jars and share with friends.

Cancer: Creative Indica Hybrid – Wonder Woman

You will feel like a new person on June 21st which is the start of the summer season! Stay focused on work but be prepared to get on board with something fun and totally new. The energy moving you forward pairs well with a balanced indica hybrid to keep you steady during life’s new adventures.   

Leo: Nature Sativa Hybrid – J1

Head up to Sedona for a dose of natural beauty and enjoy a meal at the Hideaway House. They have amazing cliffside views and wonderful homemade food served by the nicest cannabis friendly staff. Bloom Dispensary is located in town for meds during your stay and there’s over twenty bed and breakfasts if you want to stay the night and wake up to more relaxing. Cannabis is recommended for hiking and lunch.

Virgo: Adventure Balanced Hybrid – Cookies and Cream

The first day of summer is June 21st and it’s time to schedule a fun activity for the summer. Maybe a trip to California for beach vibes and some California grown cannabis or maybe an international trip to experience the cannabis and food scene in Spain. Either way, you will come back refreshed with new knowledge about another cannabis culture.

Libra: Soul Balanced Hybrid – Banana Diesel

Change is coming and you should accept new people to into your personal circle. Summer begins on June 21st and summer is your time to enjoy the chill balanced lifestyle. Mix baked bros pourable THC syrup into soda water for a cocktail that vibes with summer pool days. Cannabis and relaxation keeps the body and mind safe from the negative effects of stress.

Scorpio: Mind Indica Hybrid – Papaya

Your zodiac sign is drawn to water this month. Make time for an afternoon floating the river, a day at the lake or an entire weekend visit to the ocean. Tell your friends to join you for some water adventures, roll up a fat joint or blunt and wade into the water. Use the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and water to rejuvenate the body and mind.  

Sagittarius: Talent Sativa – Strawberry Cough

The face of Saturn will be fully illuminated and in line with Jupiter during its closest approach to earth on June fifteenth. You have a strong sativa energy flowing with the elements of nature during this time. Do what you want and since your heart is in the right place you will find wisdom and the support that you need.  

Capricorn: Expand Indica Hybrid – Kosher Kush

Give yourself some quiet space to soak up energy and expand your imagination. Slow deep breaths lead to nice deep thoughts. Deep breaths of cannabis Indica are a nice addition to this meditative quiet time. Smoke a whole joint by yourself and read a poem or better yet, write a poem. See life from a different angle.

Aquarius: Vision Sativa Hybrid – Chocolope

Your ideas will pay off soon so keep thinking and planning for the opportunity. Do not get caught up in old habits. Keep moving forward and preparing for a bright future. Try microdosing cannabis to manage stress during long days. Sometimes you are stuck in an office and small dose edibles can be a game changer.

Pisces: Wellness Indica Hybrid – Yoda OG

Try an active stoner activity such as medicated yoga with Medicated Mavens. Using a bit of cannabis before yoga can help focus the mind on the body and good breathing technique. It’s beneficial to practice yoga at any skill level. Do not worry about being a beginner, just get out there and bend it the best you can.

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