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Stars & Strains: December 2021

Aries, Soft Focus

California Orange, Copperstate Farms

Look into the sky and see the beauty. Enjoy the living creatures around you. Next year is about reconnecting internally with your senses. Smells, tastes and feelings from seeing bright colors. Take your imagination to the next level in this coming year by reconnecting with nature.

Taurus, Seasons

Apple Diamonds, Grown 4

Be ready to move into a new chapter of life. Events will happen that cannot be imagined right now. Stay grounded with fine cannabis and embrace the changes around you. Remember that seasons change and so do we.

Gemini, Divinity

White Truffle, Grow Sciences

Get ready for warm fires and quality time with family and friends. Be sure to prepare a special joint before your holiday meal and remember to invite family and friends outside for a puff of sweet cannabis. Recharge your spirit for the coming year by sharing quality food and cannabis together this holiday season.

Cancer, Tradition

Crunch Berries, House Exotics

Baking is a Holiday activity that every adult can enjoy. If baking is not your skill set then offer to bring the cannabis to share. Baking while wholly baked will bring laughs into your family kitchen. Finding new ways to honor traditions together will keep joy in the home. This season is all about what we can accomplish together.

Leo, Weightless

Glue, Aeriz USA

Do not lean on your own control. Be ready to adapt and overcome as things change around you. Remember that the cannabis will taste the same in victory and in defeat. Make the best choices you can and leave the rest to fate. There’s much to look forward to in the coming year, do not get hyper focused on one opportunity or loss.

Virgo, Momentum

Clementine, High Grade AZ

You can’t change the world by standing still. Get into the community this holiday season and help your community. Spend time serving others in a soup kitchen or playing games at a shelter with folks who might be lonely. Even the smallest gestures make a difference throughout the year. Open a door, lend a smile or lend an ear.

Libra, Perseverance

Tropicana Cookies, Aeriz USA

Life can be overwhelming to say the least. You have made it through tough times and come out stronger. Be sure to receive others with open arms when they come back from their tough situation. Now is the time for recharge and healing. Visit a spa or just find the most relaxing setting to recharge this month.

Scorpio, Service

Black Mamba, Zenleaf Dispensary

Use your personality to battle negative outlooks in the world today. Smiles and joints are the aces up your sleeve. Your social energy is strong during this winter season when most are hibernating. You are the sunshine to those around you.

Sagittarius, Dreams

Motor Breath, Mohave Cannabis Co.

This has been a wild year financially but you have continued to work towards new dreams and goals. Remember to take delight in the pursuit of happiness as your push forward. Puff a joint ultimate goals and dreams within your greatest imagination.

Capricorn, Breathe

Morning Dew, Green Gene Genetics

Your beliefs are important. Keep sticking up for what is right. Spark up the bong and think about feelings before actions. Do not feel ashamed to tell family members about cannabis therapy or anything else you believe with conviction.

Aquarius, Beauty

Sherb Crasher, Shango Cannabis Co.

I Am Beautiful. Say this in the mirror and then tell somebody else they are beautiful. The energy from positive affirmations lingers in the cosmos. The stars are aligned for your sign to feel confident and strong in the coming year. Share this strength with others.

Pisces, Fortune

Durban Gushers, Mohave Cannabis Co.

Spark up a tasty joint and walk through the open door of opportunity. Big things are coming for you and your circle of close friends in the coming year. Friends of yours will acquire new fortunes and forge new relationships with important people. The energies of abundance will reverberate through the cosmos drawing success closer to you. Be ready.


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Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.

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