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Stars & Strains: Capricorn – January 2020

Aries, details

Peanut Butter Punch, Nectar Farms

It’s a new year and a new decade but there is still no need to worry about resolutions that will be impossible to keep. Think about little changes that you can implement right now and stick to them. Big doors will open because of your consistency and commitment to details so stay focused.

Taurus, explore

Gorilla Glue, TRUE Harvest

Step out on a risk and try something new. You already know where you’re comfortable but there is so much more out there in the world. Find new places to visit and new strains to try. Cannabis products have changed so much so be open to new ways to medicate and see what works for you.

Gemini, humble

Redneck Wedding, MUV Dispensary

You are unique, but not special. Anything that you can think of has happened already at some point. The same is true of cannabis. Do not judge cannabis by fancy names and THC percentages. Just like us, cannabis is unique and each strain presents different effects. Enjoy the nuanced beauty in each individual.

Cancer, sun

Lemonade, Grow Sciences

There is no substitute for sunshine and sun grown cannabis. Feel the sunshine on your face as you absorb nutrients through your DNA. The human body is capable of transforming light energy into chemical energy. Inhale and exhale the cannabis and let the sunshine be your therapy.

Leo, voice

Micro doses are the key to success. The poison in anything comes from overdosing. This goes for work, relationships and especially edibles too. Make sure that you know your dose and when it’s time to cut off. Make time for yourself to reflect the choices you are making and listen to your instincts.

Virgo, nutrition

Sensi Star, Nirvana Center

Watch out for the munchies when having edibles since the high can sneak up on you. There are nine calories in a gram of fat and four calories per gram of sugar, carbohydrate and protein. Use nutrition knowledge to enhance your diet this year. You’ll be surprised how your eating habits affect your body. Cannabis is a healthy part of a balanced diet.

Libra, sacrifice

Grease Monkey, Crescent Cannabis

Replace one sugary snack each day with a bong hit to lose those extra pounds you may have accrued over the holidays. Bong hits contain zero calories and can be paired with healthy foods and beverages for an extra zing of flavor without the guilt! Bong hits also work great as a post exercise snack.

Scorpio, up

Meat Breath, Potent Planet

Your sign has the strongest vibes during the full moon on January 10th. Be ready to rejuvenate your soul with cosmic vibes and big motivating joints. Cannabis will taste better on this day and your third eye will be opened to new ideas. Gaze up into the sky and enjoy a renewed spirit.

Sagittarius, dark

The new moon on January 24th will be a perfect time for a dark smoke. There will be no moonlight to drown out the stars. Take this opportunity to enjoy some stargazing with your evening joint and keep your eyes out for dark purple nugs to match your energy this month.

Capricorn, performance

Tangie Cream, Vault at Mint Dispensary

There is a good chance that you will make a new agreement this month. Your energy is leaning towards commitment and a new opportunity is coming your way. It’s best to stick with strains that you know during this time as you figure out new variables that may be coming into your life.

Aquarius, winning

White Rhino, Vault at Mint Dispensary

Life is good and it’s about to get better. Meteors will rain down over the desert sky during the first week of January. This will coincide with a victory in your life. Cannabis has been with you through the tough times and will be extra tasty during the victory celebrations. Enjoy this new season.

Pisces, spark

The cannabis spirit of Jack Herer battles in the cosmos to help your focus here on earth. The stars are aligned perfectly to increase your cannabis powers. You will move seamlessly through obstacles.. A new moon will bring energy that you will feel suddenly on January 10th. Your friends will notice something different about you too.


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