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Stars & Strains: Cancer – July 2018

Aries: Heat Indica/Sativa Hybrid

You may feel trapped by the summer and your responsibilities at work but try to relax and make plans for some summer fun. Roll some joints of your favorite strain and take them on your adventure. There is nothing better than getting out of the house and having some good cannabis to take along. Finding new adventures to free your mind is easy when you have fire nugs.

Taurus: Reflection Indica

Use your quiet time to consume some extra relaxing indica and think about what you want to come to you. Being loud and forceful will not bring the results you want in life. You are halfway up the mountain and the next half of the journey will be tiring. Consuming cannabis before a nature walk or yoga session can be a great relaxation technique to clear out any noisy thoughts.

Gemini: Love Sativa Hybrid

Invigorating sativa strains bring a spark to your love life that will help refuel all of your emotions. Using cannabis with your partner makes any ordinary occasion a special one. Avoid long sessions of netflix and cannabis because the couch is an easy place to become trapped. Keep your sativa energy going by moving into uncharted territory and exploring new places together.

Cancer: Fun Sativa Hybrid

It’s time to take the edge off with some head buzzing indica and relaxing summer fun. There will be plenty of time to focus on work but now is the time to focus on fun. It’s good to make sure you are responsible at work but now is the time to celebrate your successes. The best way to continue your success at work is to leave it all behind for a vacation. So take some dabs and hit the beach!

Leo: Answers Indica

There are new cannabis products available and now is a great time to try them. Buy your first dab rig. There is nothing quite so tasty as a proper temperature dab of top shelf concentrate from your own rig. If you have been consuming cannabis the same way for years, try to break out and try something new. You’ll be surprised about the new things you will learn about cannabis.   

Virgo: Reflection Sativa Hybrid

Do not worry about what people think or might possibly think of you. Give yourself more credit for the hard work that you do and reward yourself with the finest flower or concentrates this month. Accordingly, treat yourself in all areas where it benefits your body and mind. Spending a bit extra on staples like cannabis and food will renew you in many ways. Treat yourself!

Libra: Timing Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Look for balance this month and try to moderate your desires. It’s easy to smoke the whole joint at once but sometimes it’s best to have a puff now and a puff later. Exercising this self control in all areas of life and you will become stronger financially and emotionally. But remember, timing is everything and there is a time for smoking the whole joint too!

Scorpio: Wisdom Indica Hybrid

You will only remember what you have seen in person and it would be wise to pack up and do some cannabis fueled exploring. Jilly Bean is a perfect strain for an awakening journey bursting with creativity. Whether you travel to the next town or much farther, you will make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Pack up some extra joints to share with new friends along the way!

Sagittarius: Vision   Sativa Hybrid

You have the option to decide the future of your love life, work life and personal development. It’s a choice to sit by as life happens or to visualize your future and map out a strategy for achieving this vision. Try a dose of cannabis to jumpstart creative thoughts about what you want to achieve. Plan your work and work your plan!

Capricorn: Passion Indica Hybrid

Having patience during tough times at work or in relationships goes a long way right now! Instead of dwelling on the things that confuse you, spark up a fat joint, dose some edibles and give your mysteries to the universe. Worry less about finding closure for dumb things in the past. Worry more about whether to have a joint or a dab. Actually, have both!

Aquarius: Team Sativa Hybrid

Your energy is good for bringing people together. Sometimes it’s easy to stand alone but you are so much more effective as part of a tight group. Friends are waiting for your invite so don’t be afraid to be the organizer of fun events. Not everyone has the bursting sativa energy that you are lucky to have plenty of. Use this energy to rally the troops!

Pisces: Community Indica Hybrid

Have you been looking to try something new? Cannabis is a great tool to get out and meet new people from all walks of life. Sharing a joint with someone can lead to a new friendship, new hobbies and exploring new places. Get out into your community and find out what kinds of people you can share cannabis with. You may discover a new hobby or career from these new relationships.

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