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RXDco | ATID Packaging

ATID Packaging

RXDco | ATID Packaging

Most of our readers are not purchasing cannabis packaging, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t understand it. Much cannabis packaging is made of plastic, other non-renewable materials and chemical adhesives. We want to introduce a packaging design that is one of a kind in terms of practicality, form, function and sustainability. The ATID tubes from RXDco have simple paper cores capped with paper disks, coated with a specially formulated barrier system that is kind to the environment while keeping products fresh. They are biodegradable, contain no harmful substrates or adhesives, child-resistant and work perfectly for flower, pre-rolls and edibles. As a consumer, we aren’t responsible for choosing how cannabis is packaged in the dispensary, but we can let the producers know with our buying power. Always try to buy sustainable packaging that keeps your bud fresh!


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