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Royal Queen Seeds | Mimosa Hash

Royal Queen Seeds | Mimosa Hash

Royal Queen Seeds | Mimosa Hash

Hash in Spain has recently taken somewhat of a backseat to flower. As more and more people quit smoking tobacco, hash just doesn’t have its place in the traditional spliff. I’ve noticed a trend where the middle of the road hashes are being phased out in lieu of the extremes: higher-end expensive hashes and lower-end cheap hashes. Mimosa is the former, yet compared to prices in Arizona, this hash is more than a bargain. At 15 euros a gram, you’d be hard pressed to find a similar deal for such high quality hash anywhere in the United States. Birthed from the matrimony of Purple Punch & Clementine, Mimosa lends a strong citrus earthy flavor reminiscent of freshly cured flower. When added to a tobacco spliff, as is usually done in Spain, the joint almost tastes like smoking a pure flower joint. This Mimosa hash is extremely potent, easily containing above 40% THC. When topping a bowl or adding to a joint, a very little amount goes a long way both for flavor and effects.

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