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OPEN FOR BUSINESS | Nature’s Medicines, Glendale

Nature’s Medicines, Glendale 6840 Grand Avenue, Glendale, Arizona

The stunning 6,000 sq ft. location opened for business on May 18th and the official Grand Opening ceremonies were on June 5th through 7th. If you missed the weekend festivities, then we still have a special prize for you. Just mention Cannabis Cactus on your first visit to the new Nature’s Medicines location and they will treat you to something special this month.

Everyone who drops by will leave with some kind of prize including T-shirts, Pop Sockets, or medicated goodies,” said General Manager Traci Black. “It’s the perfect time for the community to drop by and find out what all the buzz is about.”

The new nature’s medicines location is located on 6840 grand Avenue, in Glendale Arizona, just a few miles Northwest of Downtown Phoenix.

If you visited Nature’s Medicine’s Phoenix location, then you already know about their dedication to creating quality medicine with their in-house partners, Phoenix Cannabis Co. You have probably tried the beautiful flowers, the Sandstone premium wax and other products made in house from scratch. They also carry a large variety of products from the most trusted brands in Arizona.

Now, the dispensary storefront matches the quality of the products. This place is absolutely beautiful and is stocked full of your favorite brands and there is still plenty of space left to shop. Patients can expect shorter lines because of the 27 budtender stations surrounding the massive sales floor. When you check in, you will notice a large sculpted LED illuminated tree glowing all colors of soothing lights. This is the Deli tree, where flavors are displayed in nicely lit jars for patients to browse and smell as they please.

Closer to the front is another display station for featured edibles and other products that you can try on the spot. This includes a variety of brands with topical, creams, tinctures and the new in-house edible brand called Reefer Gladness.

Nature’s medicine is a vertically integrated cannabis company that is privately owned in Phoenix, Arizona. They’re one of the 1st sponsors of cannabis cactus magazine since 2018 and they go above and beyond to support the community outside of selling cannabis. Who would like to thank Sheena Wiiliams, Nathalie Porter and Traci Black for all they do to organize good will for our community and for believing in our community content.

Nature’s Medicines is very excited about introducing Glendale to our extensive selection of medical cannabis products including our own award-winning brands,” said Jigar Patel, CEO, Amado Management and AMMA LLC. “Being a vital part of the Glendale community means so much to us. We know we’ll be building many new and lasting relationships now that we’re here.”

Nature’s Medicines is privately owned and this means they have more control over how they provide support for patients. In each market they are active locally to meet the needs of their community. They also have locations in Maryland and Massachusetts but each one is unique and dedicated to its own market. We love shopping here and will tell you that Nature’s Medicines is a cannabis provider that we trust. Period.

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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