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Mohave | Sidewinder 1g THCA Infused Preroll


Mohave | Sidewinder 1g THCA Infused Preroll

This relatively small joint is named after a similarly small rattlesnake, equally as potent, found in the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert sidewinder is one of the few snakes that moves around with the J pattern that you may have seen in the sand where snakes have passed through. The Mohave cannabis sidewinder is a potent blend of full flower cannabis strain specific flower that's infused with THCA purified diamond powder derived from high quality Mohave cannabis strains. Mohave uses an 80/20 flower to THCA blend ratio to smooth the burn and increase potency and Mohave only uses one strain of flour in each sidewinder so they are strained specific and distillate-free. Expect to see these for about $12 a piece, very reasonable for the infused preroll category.

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