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Mohave Gold | Soul Assassin Distillate 1g

Soul Assassin

Mohave Gold | Soul Assassin Distillate 1g

This Mohave Soul Assassin Distillate cartridge is a gem in the world of pricey cannabis products, offering exceptional value at just $30 per gram. What sets this product apart is remarkable quality, far exceeding its reasonable price point. Mohave's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their in-house produced distillate. The fact that they go the extra mile to ensure their cartridges are potent but also strain specific, with natural cannabis terpenes. Mohave Cannabis welcomes feedback from its customers, valuing both positive and constructive comments. Your input can be shared on their website at or through their social media channels. Your feedback plays a crucial role in helping them continue to produce top-notch products, reflecting their deep dedication to quality. So, whether it's praise or suggestions, don't hesitate to let them know what you think because creating high quality cannabis is a community partnership.

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