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Mohave Gold | Oatman 66 

Oatman 66

Mohave Gold | Oatman 66 

I don’t usually smoke distillate cartridges because I prefer the full ritualistic experience of breaking down flower and preparing a joint or pipe. I had this Oatman 66 on my desk, left by my brother still in the package, so I decided to give it a go. I only took one pull because it was so smooth that I ended up overhitting the vape pen. I’d just taken a 4 day break from smoking, which doesn’t sound like much, but definitely is. So, I didn’t want to overdo it. The effects were not an overpowering THC head high, but a well rounded euphoric high, reminiscent of smoking high-quality flower. I was pleasantly surprised as I’m used to these types of cartridges giving me a one-sided high. The flavor was a sweet sour apple with minty notes. Very nice vaping experience with a wonderful flavor. I’ll definitely finish the cartridge.

1g Distillate Vape

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