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KIVA's CBN Dream Team

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I still remember the first time I tried chocolate from Kiva Confections. California legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, and I had already been working in the industry in Colorado for two years. I was visiting California on a work trip, and was given my very first Kiva bar at an event.

In that landscape, buying edibles (even from a licensed dispensary) was a risky business. This was before the advent of 5-10 milligram dosages, and most were labeled with extremely high potency, labeled incorrectly, or not at all. I had already learned my lesson by accepting a 500 milligram cookie at a previous party (for reference: I now take 5-10 mg at a time!). It left me absolutely reeling for days, so I was hesitant to take that gamble again. However, I knew that with Kiva I was in good hands. Even from the very beginning, Kiva has always been not only delicious, but trustworthy. Frankly, their manageable and consistent dosages helped return my faith in eating cannabis instead of just smoking it. It’s just one of the many reasons that their chocolate bars, along with Kiva’s Camino and Camino Sours gummies, Terra chocolate bites, and their Lost Farm gummies, have become the #1 edibles brand in the country. It’s a name that is recognized near and far, and has rightfully earned the highest level of respect.

Kiva was founded in 2010, when California was still a medically-legal state, by Kristi and Scott Palmer. According to Kristi, “Kiva was started in the kitchen of the house I grew up in San Leandro, CA. Our mission was to redefine cannabis edibles with a delicious, consistently-dosed chocolate bar. Back at that time the edibles landscape was very different than today, with products that were untested, unlabeled, and quite frankly a little scary. You had no idea what you were getting yourself into when you tried an edible. My husband Scott and I set out to create a product that would give consumers confidence and allow them a predictable, repeatable experience every single time— while also tasting like a beautiful, artisan chocolate bar you might find at Whole Foods.” It sounds like Kristi and Scott may have had an experience similar to mine at one time or another, and as they developed their products, they fully understood the need for consistency and transparency in infusing cannabis into food.

The Camino and Lost Farm brands followed later, introducing gummies and fruit chews to the market. First came Camino gummies, featuring a custom blend of terpenes tailored for unique effects like “chill” and “social”, with 5mg THC per piece. Some products contain even lower dose THC:CBD ratio options and they also have two CBN options for sleep. Lost Farm offers something very different with its strain-specific, 100% live resin and live rosin extracts, bringing to life the rich tastes, aromas, and effects of each unique cannabis strain.

Kiva’s edibles are meant to be “buildable”, which means that instead of getting uncomfortably high from a bite or two, you can start with a little, and take more as needed. This is great for two reasons: you can control the effects easily, AND you have the opportunity to enjoy more of their delicious treats if you’d like to medicate more. I always thought it was silly that as someone who enjoys a low dose, I could only have one tiny infused treat. I love that Kiva, through all of their varied edible offerings, provide tasty and precise options for those who may want to have more than a single bite at a time. After all, they’re so delicious that it’s difficult to stop!

Kiva’s commitment to quality starts with locally-grown cannabis and sustainably-sourced cacao in their chocolates, in an effort to create not only a delicious all-natural product, but one that gives back to the community it serves. Cannabis packaging is infamous for being wasteful due to regulations for safety and compliance, but in 2021, Kiva dedicated itself to releasing updated packaging that was more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Their Kiva Bar cartons are now 100% biodegradable and compostable, and their Camino and Terra metal tins are fully recyclable, in an effort to cut down on non-biodegradable waste. In an industry that struggles continuously with creating packaging that doesn’t fill up our landfills, Kiva’s family of confections are making moves to be a part of the solution, and will continue to lead this important charge.

When asked what sets Kiva, Lost Farm, Terra, and Camino apart from other brands, Kristi said “Innovation, quality, and consistency. We love to reinvent cannabis edibles whenever possible, always trying to wow our fans with something fun and new that keeps them coming back for more. In this process, quality cannot be overlooked— you won’t be able to retain your fans if you serve them up an artificially-flavored, bong water-infused lump of sugar. At Kiva, we respect our consumers, and we continue to deliver our very best products to them over and over again. This strategy has kept our company alive for twelve years now.”

Kiva stays involved in every aspect of the community by sitting on the boards of many trade groups, attending events big and small (is there ever an event you don’t see Kiva or one of their brands at?!), and continuing to spread the word about how beneficial cannabis products can be for overall wellness, and not just recreation. Says Kristi, “it is incredible to see other brands in the market professionalizing their product lines and businesses. I am proud not only because of how the Kiva brands show up in the stores, but how other brands are also creating beautiful, high-quality products, too. When consumers walk into a dispensary and see a whole shelf of professional products— not just one or two— it boosts the reputation of the entire industry. And, rising tides lift all boats: We all win.”

Kiva products have certainly taken over the US legal cannabis market, and are now available in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. They are still headquartered in California, but employ over 400 people around the country. Their full list of brands includes Camino, Lost Farm, Terra, and Petra, with a vast range of premium cannabis products to pick from. Founder Kristi Palmer is proud of everything they’ve been able to achieve over the past twelve years, and immensely appreciative of everyone who has worked so hard to help achieve their mission. “I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how proud I am of the people who work at Kiva. From compliance and accounting, to packaging and quality assurance, each step and every facet of the business is facilitated by a passionate individual moving the ball forward to a better world for cannabis. It’s amazing!”

Meet Kiva's CBN-Infused Dream Team

CBN is being called the next big cannabinoid next to THC and CBD. There are early indications that CBN is a powerful sedative, especially when combined with THC. Always one to stay ahead of the curve, Kiva actually released the first CBN-infused edible in late 2019- and there was no way we could have anticipated the reaction.

MIDNIGHT BLUEBERRY CAMINO quickly became not only Kiva’s best-selling gummy, but our best-selling product by far. With 5MG THC and 1MG CBN, plus chamomile and lavender extracts, Midnight Blueberry gave fans a restful night without any cannabis hangover.

MIDNIGHT MINT KIVA BAR was the first chocolate edible with CBN in it. It features a soothing combination of 5MG THC and 2MG CBN per piece in a crisp, minty dark chocolate bar sprinkled with cacao nibs. The added milligram of CBN provides a deeper tranquilizing effect for those consumers who need a little extra boost.

TERRA MILK & COOKIES BITES feature the same ratio of active ingredients, with 5MG of THC and 2MG of CBN infused into sweet, creamy milk chocolate coated around a crunchy chocolate cookie core. The result is like a slumber party for your senses!

CAMINO SOURS BLACKBERRY DREAM is our latest and our strongest CBN-infused edible. It boasts 10MG THC and 3MG CBN per gummy with soothing terpenes plus chamomile and lavender extracts for an extra-soothing edible experience.

This family of delicious sleep products is known as Kiva’s Dream Team. From sweet to sour, chocolates to mints, we’ve got an option for every taste and tolerance.



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