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Kalvara Cocktails

Remember my article “I’ll Drink To That”? Yea, good ole write up about hops and cannabis. But what if you don’t necessarily drink alcohol? What if you still want to party? Well, don’t worry. There is a product out there that gives you a shot of THC into your favorite drink. So when they ask what you’re drinking, you can honestly answer “a damn good mixed drink.” Ok, but what exactly am I talking about? I could try and explain but I’m a couple Kalvara’s in and smoking my blunt, so who better to get the details from than a good friend of mine, Tyson… But first, CHEERS!!!!

What up bro? How’s the canna life?

What’s up brother, canna life is going good! First of the year is always really busy getting production and events lined out and scheduled, but always good times.

How did you get into cannabis? At what age did you first try cannabis?

I got into medical/recreational cannabis in 2017 when we started Kalvara. I sold my house and my car and moved to Las Vegas to launch the brand. I first tried cannabis when I was pretty young, I think I was around 11 or 12, but didn’t start smoking regularly until I was well into college. I played football in high school and college so we were always being drug tested. Always loved it. I just needed to take care of my business on the field first!

Kalvara Cocktails

What’s Kalvara?

Kalvara is a cannabis infused cocktail. We use sonic emulsification to break down our high percentage distillate for the product. This process ensures faster on-set than edibles. The effects usually kick in around the 10-15 minute mark. Our industry has had a problem with over-medication from day one. Patients didn’t have the education or capabilities to properly administer the correct dose without the risk of taking too much and hurting their experience. With Kalvara it’s a precise dose every time which really helps our patients and customers get a properly designed medicating regiment for their needs. We use stevia and monk fruit for our sweeteners so there’s no sugar, no calories, and no carbs. This is a big boost for us in our customer base that is diabetic or wanting a healthier choice for medicating. Our product is sealed in a nitrogen sealed cap using Vessl technology. This ensures no oxygen or light gets to the product which drastically slows degradation/shelf life. As long as the product isn’t exposed to extreme heat or cold it will stay stable without refrigeration. We do recommend serving chilled, but what doesn’t taste better chilled in the beverage department!

How did you all come up with the idea and serving method? By the way, which is super cool and a show and tell type deal.

The idea actually came from a wedding. Our partners who also started the company Tea of a Kind were getting one of our friends hitched. They had Tea of a kind on the table and the conversation came up about putting THC in the cap. That’s truly where it began and it just grew from there.

Kalvara Cocktails

Where can someone find Kalvara and what typical dosage?

Kalvara is located now in California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Canada. Their dose strength varies from states based on medical/recreational rules which are different in every state. California, Colorado, and Nevada we sell a 20mg version. New Mexico and Oklahoma 25mg, and Canada has a whole different set of rules for their edibles and consumables. We produce 10mg Kalvaras there. We also do the multipacks! This is how we got to our 100mg and 125mg options. We do a 5 pack in NV, CO, and NM. Oklahoma we started with a 4-pack, but will be changing that to a 5-pack as well. These multipacks come with extra caps that can be added into ur single bottle to reach your desired level of medication. You can also use the single caps to infuse any drink/cocktail/smoothie or pretty much anything you can think of! This makes the product very versatile!

Any big plans for Kalvara we can look out for?

Kalvara has some really big plans for the next year. We’re launching our new flavors in NV, NM, OK, and CO. Our original flavor of Citrus will still be available! Tropical Inspire will be another new addition, and we have one called Berry Chill which is a 1 to 1, 10mg THC and 10mg CBD. These flavors are already on shelves in California, but we’re planning a big launch in the other states for this year!

Also how can people stay in touch and follow you all?

Our website is, Instagram and Facebook @drinkkalvara, mine is @tysonburkett

Hmmm, what am I missing? Anything you want to tell the world that I forgot?

I think you got it covered my man! If you think of anything else let me know!

Well I can’t think of much else. I think between the Kalvara shots and chat we did it!

Are you thirsty yet? What an amazing and cool product made by a cool guy and his team. I gotta sign up for that high dose 5 pack. But let’s go back up to the top… wow Sonic Emulsification… makes me feel like a scientist just saying it. Or maybe that’s Kalvara. LOL… Truly the thought, the care, the science, and the love shows through chatting with Tyson and trying the products. This is definitely something I’ll have regularly. That being said, it is definitely NMBEARDEDMAN Approved.




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