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Jinni Pipe Gravity Bong by Gypsy Labs

Jinni Pipe | Gravity Bong Gypsy Labs |

The Jinni Pipe is one of the coolest newest gravity bongs/pipes to hit the market. Growing up and using everything from milk jugs, five gallon buckets, and even bathtubs for a gravity bong setup, this Jinni Pipe is nice and definitely on a different level. So let’s hit the pros and cons on this fancy gravity bong. I definitely want to say BRAVO to Gypsy Labs, the designer and maker of this gravity device and a few others. They took an old style and changed the game. Now back to Jinni…. It is a tad…. Just a tad confusing on how to properly use it, but once you get it down (which comes quick) it’s easy and fun. Jinni hits super smooth, even when milking it up with a fully loaded bowl. When hitting Jinni it’s more like sipping a fine glass of wine versus ripping a pipe or bong. Overall fun, fancy, and a must own. Definitely NMBEARDEDMAN Approved for glass collectors and connoisseurs alike. By Shane Stanford@_NM_Bearded_Man.


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