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Jeeter | Gelato Infused Pre-roll


Jeeter | Gelato

The Jeeter Gelato half-gram infused pre-roll captures the essence of the popular Gelato hybrid. Gelato, being a mainstay in the hybrid market, pairs seamlessly with various flavors and effect profiles, making it a versatile choice for breeders seeking potency. Jeeter takes it up a notch by infusing the Gelato flowers with a complementary blend of terpenes, hash and kief, creating a half-gram jammer that's expertly rolled for a consistent and enjoyable smoke. Sweet berry flavors are prominently featured, adding a layer of sweetness to the overall profile. Beyond the flavor, the effects of Jeeter Gelato deliver a balanced combination of relaxation and euphoria. Whether you're seeking a chill moment or a creative burst, this pre-roll seems poised to deliver a satisfying and well-rounded experience for cannabis consumers.

1/2g Infused Pre-roll



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