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High Grade | Grease Monkey x Mangorita LR Applesauce


High Grade | Grease Monkey x Mangorita LR Applesauce

This one was pretty unique as it blends two strains that are complete opposites in the flavor department. Mixing gas and fruit terps isn't always easy or, if done yourself, not always so pleasant but this baller jar from High Grade was phenomenal. Cracking the lid, you are immediately hit with a sweet fruit aroma and slight notes of gas. This being apple sauce, it was like small micro diamonds in a wet terpy badder. The flavor was almost like candy but the exhale brought the gas out. The effects were strong and relaxing for the body but a bit euphoric for the mind. I definitely recommend you try this if you are a concentrate fan. A unique blend of terps make for a uniquely enjoyable experience.

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