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Hana Meds

Hana Meds

Hana Meds carries over three dozen lab tested, hand trimmed, top quality strains from premium genetics.  Hana offers only premium flower by Sun King Labs and the Arizona Craft Cannabis team, which are both owned by Hana. Other popular brands by Hana companies include Dutchie, Revival Edibles, Dro Pak, Clean Dab, Nicebug, and Bulla.

Read our reviews of some of their products by clicking the links below.

San Dimas PreRolled Joints by Dutchie Headband Rosin by Clean Dab XXX OG Buble Hash by Bulla


-Kingman- 3411 E Corona Avenue, Suite 100 Phoenix, Arizona 85040 602.491.0420

-Green Valley- 1732 W Duval Commerce Point Place Green Valley, Arizona 85614 (520) 289-8030

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