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GMO Rosin 500mg Cartridge by Grow Sciences

Produced by: Grow Sciences Where to find: Premiering 1/11/20 Price: $55

For cannaisseurs who appreciate the conveniences of vaping but still crave the true dab experience. The simplicity is what makes rosin carts great. Freshly pressed rosin is loaded straight into cartridges for the purest cannabis experience with absolutely no added flavors. Rosin carts may not be as discreet as fruit flavored distillates but the lack of added terps is replaced by a truly noticeable high. Every puff tastes like pure cannabis hash oil and punches like a traditional hash dab. I tested the GMO Rosin in the airport bathroom with no issues. The smell dissipates fast and it made my travel day glorious! Premiering at the Errl Cup on January 11th and available in stores everyday after that. Follow on for the latest release locations. Reviewed by Michael Cassini.



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