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Gaming With Cannabis

Gaming has become an industry of its own more than ever before. I enjoy speaking on games that both expert and beginner alike could enjoy. Even so it may sometimes be a challenge to find worthwhile games. Also the question asked is, what kind of medicine would put me in a gaming mood? With so many great games in the industry today on multiple platforms, finding the right game can be just around the corner. This article will explore four different games that are entertaining and worth a play with cannabis to match.



I stumbled across a game that pulled me in so much I had difficulties putting my phone in my pocket. The game title is Sky which was an instant sign of me wanting to check it out. I started gaming on Sky while medicating with Daywrecker Diesel by Grow Sciences. It’s a live hash rosin concentrate found for sure at Health for Life. Daywrecker Diesel. The combination of genetics is Skunk, Northern Lights, and NYC Diesel and it is an indica dominant hybrid. Happiness and body relaxation are the primary effects of this strain. This was great to medicate with while gaming Sky, soaring through the clouds, up and down, gently grazing the tops of clouds and then boosting back into the clear blue sky. Gamers can expect to explore cave painting illuminating the route of the avatar you play as. The story explains how people forgot about the light, and must find a way to reconnect to the heavens.


Hero Hunters

The next game I came across was something familiar yet different. The Game is entitled Hero Hunters. This game has a team unit dynamic gameplay. Initially the gamer will start with three different heroes. You’ve got a Marine gunner, a sniper, and a demolitions expert. Playing more missions unlocks more heroes with different specials and tactics. Continuing playing to beef up your team. I decided to pair this with a strain from Farm Fresh called OG-18. This Strain hits like a true Ocean Grown strain. Bred by DNA Genetics it is also known as Private Reserve. It is an indica dominant hybrid with long lasting body effects and cerebral relation. It tastes of pine and lemon and is a medium bodied smoke on the inhale.


Rebel Racing

I wanted something fast and exhilarating so I decided to check out a racing game. I found one that really was easy to play while still maintaining a healthy level of adrenaline and excitement. The game is entitled Rebel Racing. You start off with a pit coach speaking about the basics of the shop and how to upgrade your vehicle as you go. Also you figure out the basic controls during gameplay. This doesn’t have too much of a storyline to it, although racing in fast cars brings the fun during any time of the day. I tried out another concentrate for this game. I decided to go with Kosher Kush by MPX. This one is a diamond sauce and has terms for days. Kosher Kush is also bred by DNA Genetics and was originally a clone-only strain. Its tastes are fruit-like and earthy, familiar to its OG Kush parentage. This strain is great for reducing pain, as well as mind and body relaxation. Sleep will come soon after so make sure to save this strain for the evening.


Dig Out

I also wanted to game on something that made me think a bit more- something that challenged my brain powers a bit. For this I found Dig Out! It’s a kind of game that is also sort of familiar. The gamer plays as an avatar that must mine or dig his or her way through the earth. The point is to collect as many gems as possible. Also don’t forget axe repairs and bad guys, along with bosses to defeat. I decided to try another Grow Sciences product for this game and went with Sunset Sherbert. This is one of the tastiest strains I’ve had in awhile. OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison make this strain what it is. Users can expect a flavorful inhale, with notes of grape, cherry pie, and musty pine from the OG Kush. This strain is perfect for relieving mental pains, such as stress and negative moods.

When speaking about games and cannabis it’s always a goal of mine to find that which is relatable and enjoyed by many. The strains found in this article are as good as all the other strains found throughout this month’s issue. These are merely a few more strains and products to consider if wandering what may be a good selection. I also look for variety in the strains I review, as well as the games mentioned above. Gaming can be one form of entertainment because at the end of the day it should be enjoyable. Same with medicine. I feel safe in speaking for us patients in that we want to feel better after medicating. Until next time, peace.

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